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Our Short Story, Our Life’s Work…

Family Unification Network, Inc.. (F.U.N.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that educates parents, youth, churches, schools and communities on how to sustain the family unit in the midst of life’s circumstances.


Most of our communities suffer from broken homes. Children need survival skills and parents need positive parenting skills. Many parents are raising children in extremely challenging circumstances, such as: teen parents, parents living in shelters, parents with limited financial resources and parents who are transitioning from incarceration and many others, are particularly at risk for allowing the common frustrations of parenting to escalate into crisis.

We primarily serve at risk youth, in the 6-17 year old age group and their families.


Family Unification Network, Inc.. provides services for individuals and families who are challenged by situations that causes breakdowns in the family structure, resulting in domestic violence and overall family dysfunction. Our programs consist of family team building, promoting communication and enhancing family interactions.

A Message From Our Founder…

I pray that all is well with each one of you. As for me, I continue to trust GOD for everything because HE is faithful! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope that you will find F.U.N’s website to be educational as well as informative. Family Unification Network, Inc.. (F.U.N.) is a 501 (c ) (3) non- profit ministry designed to assist ALL families no matter what their situation. Our core values are Loving, Living, and Being a Family – “We make family life FUN again.” I pray that each and every one of you have a wonderful and blessed day!

Stay Blessed,

JoAnn Cash-Owens
​Founder/Executive Director

Prison Ministry

Family Unification Network, Inc provides training for church congregations, family members and individuals who are interested in assisting “Returning Citizens” (formerly referred to as ex-cons, ex-felons, convicts, etc.) make a smooth transition back into their families, churches, and communities.


Family Unification Network, Inc offers training that certifies churches and/or non-profit organizations as “Stations of Hope” as recognized by HEALING COMMUNITIES, U.S.A.

Station of Hope Programs:

  • Journey of a Previously Incarcerated MAN – A support group which serves as a safe-haven for “Returning Citizens” – those whose body was held captive by “the system” but not their mind…
  • Returning Citizens Support Group for MEN – A Mentoring Program
  • Returning Citizens Support Group – A safe-haven for “ex-cons”
  • Returning Citizens Family Reunification Course – Learn techniques to help make family-life FUN again
  • HEALING COMMUNITIES Women’s Re-entry Conference – If your family member’s incarceration has left you shocked, hurt, embarrassed or disappointed… the very fiber of your world torn apart –this conference is for you!!
  • FACES IN THE CROWD – An interactive format designed to address and reduce the stigma associated with individuals who have been incarcerated
  • Class on Problem Elimination (C.O.P.E) – A 12-month self-help/empowerment curriculum designed to prepare inmates for a successful transition back with their families
2015 Packing Party - Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Fayetteville, GA
Dial Soap Drive, 2014
2004. Our humble beginning

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2009. We’re getting better

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2016. International Brand

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