An Evening with “Everyday Heroes”

This is an annual event to acknowledge men who love, care and provide for their families and strive to be excellent role models. These men work tirelessly in their church, ministry and/or communities.

An Evening with “Everyday Heroines”

An Evening with Everyday Heroines to celebrate those women in our lives who we know are D-Y-N-A-M-I-C and deserve to be recognized for the deeds they have done.

[Book] Comfortable Being Ignorant While Surviving The Journey

This book tells the incredible story of a woman who was convicted of a crime that leaves you speechless, because it is not even a crime today. For more information about the book and or purchasing, please click Here.

F.U.N. Dance-A-Thon

During this event Family Unification Network, Inc.. seeks to bring families from around the Metro-Atlanta area together to work alongside each other to contribute to a positive change within our communities by hosting a Dance-A-Thon.

Family F.U.N. Walk-Run

This event is designed to help improvecohesiveness in the family and make family life “F.U.N.” again.